Team Letterkenny

The Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) continues to be a mainstay in the economy of Franklin County. As the Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for Air Defense and Tactical Missile Systems, Letterkenny continues a tradition of supporting our soldiers and our Army for 75 years.  Team Letterkenny is a group of community leaders whose mission it is to support the retention and mission growth of the installation.  the FCADC provides administrative support to Team Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Army Depot – Capabilities from ProArts Media on Vimeo.

Franklin County Redevelopment Authority

The Franklin County Comprehensive Plan emphasizes as the collective goals of Franklin County and its citizens the redevelopment of older business areas; the strengthening of the downtowns as business, civic, institutional, and cultural centers for the surrounding communities; the protection of the livability of residential areas with an emphasis on strengthening older neighborhoods; the preservation and rehabilitation of historically significant architecture; the attraction of new business development and expansion in appropriate areas; and the expansion of existing businesses.

To assist local communities in the accomplishment of these goals, in August 2010 the Franklin County Board of Commissioners created the Franklin County Redevelopment Authority. As a public body, the Authority can access a myriad of redevelopment assistance programs designed to revitalize our aging downtowns and/or blighted industrial areas, turning them into viable economic engines that will provide an expanded tax base and needed jobs to support our citizens.  The FCADC staff serves as the administrators of the Authority.

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